From the earliest time warehousing services has been used not necessarily in commerce but in many other cases. Over the time warehousing found its definition based on a main framework. This new definition has a direct relation with Logistic units, customs clearance and transportation (shipment). Nowadays small and large spaces are used in modern and mechanized methods for this purpose
Methods of warehousing, related cost estimating, allocating suitable spaces based on type of goods, scheduling and goods distribution system are the same in many warehouses
The first public warehouse established in 1912 (during world war) in America. An indoor hall for warehousing military equipment, first aid and related tools for hospitals and also civilian equipment and tools
Methods of warehousing, storage and allocating suitable spaces determined based on type of warehouses. There are three general types of warehouse in all around the world
.Private warehouses
.Public warehouses
.Government warehouses or warehouses affiliated to governmental organizations
Each kind of these warehouses have significant benefits for owners of goods such as manufacturers, importers, exporters and any others who involved in business of goods and commodities
The main important issues in estimating costs in warehousing are appropriate scheduling of goods distribution, storage of produced goods based on schedule till the sale time and Etc
Negahbanan warehouse defined as a public warehouse and its determined purpose is providing and allocating suitable space for goods and achieving costumer's satisfaction through equipment, services and required standards and related costs will be charged base on the contracts
Negahbanan warehouse is one of important public warehouse in Tehran which has license of commercial warehouses owners union and continues its services based on laws and standards of public warehousing
Generally warehouses play an important role in marketing and distribution of goods especially private warehouses (which their activities associated with major manufacturers and importers of certain products) and also public warehouses in some special cases. Recently government has taken a decision for supporting public warehouse, but unfortunately due to many reasons this issue has not been fulfilled
: What kind of customers prefer to use public warehouses
Most of the companies or firms have no private warehouse, because of extra costs of private warehouses such as costs related to facilities, guards, maintenance, staffs, and etc. prefer to use public warehouses
Most of business people or traders after clearance and inspection from customs, do not have a place to store their goods, therefore they need a temporary warehouse or storage
Therefore, public warehouses like Negahbanan warehouse by necessary standards , out-door areas and HSE play an important role in moving commodities and goods in different timing –seasons, according to customers demands. Even renting of the private warehouse is possible for customers
Negahbanan warehouse would like to provide all costumers demands and needs to achieve their satisfactions
Negahbanan warehouse benefits
Neghabanan warehouse located in the eastern side of Tehran and a nice spot, close to intersections and main street. Proper facilities for transportation. There is no limitation for trucks, pick up of cars
Nearby taxi station, subway, bus station and firefighting center
Very close to malls, shopping centers and commercial areas
(Warehouse Id in warehouse system (for customs clearance
Public warehouses are cost effective and suitable for small business, workshops and manufacturers in small scale (low costs for traders)s
Traders and costumers who do not have enough storage space
For more information please check the website and if you have any question please contact Negahbanan administration office